How To Find The Right Side Hustle Ideas To Make Extra Money

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Want to know the best side hustle ideas that everyone should be using to make extra money? Follow these side hustle tips to find the best way to begin earning side income today!

It can be tough to find the best way to start making extra money. We’ve compiled our list of some of our favorite side hustle ideas and are sharing them with you.

Some of these side hustles include tutoring, selling products online, becoming a personal trainer, working with pets, driving for Uber, and much more.

Finding The Right Side Hustle Ideas For You

Before we get into the list, we want you to think about what you enjoy doing. What are you passionate about? Do you love cars? Would you like to spend more time around dogs? Put some deep thought into what you would really like to do to earn some extra cash.

At Self And Wealth, we believe that you should pick a side hustle that you truly enjoy.

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What Is Your Motivation To Start A Side Hustle?

Are you looking to earn some extra money quickly? Do you want to turn a hobby into something that can boost your income? Do you have extra time and want to put it to use to earn more? Are you looking to pay down debt rapidly?

Answering one of those questions can help you begin to narrow down the best fit for you.

We’ve organized our list into sections that you can use to quickly search different types of side hustle ideas.

Online Side Hustle Ideas

1. Start a Blog – If you enjoy writing this could be a great fit. Starting a blog does take a bit of work in the beginning and can take years before it starts earning much money. But if you stick with it, you may eventually be able to turn your blog into a full-time job.

We started this blog to help others figure out how to save money and find financial freedom.

2. Sell Products Online – There are so many ways to sell products online. You could sell on Amazon, Etsy, or eBay. You could create a print-on-demand store and design your own products to sell. Try to figure out a good niche and plan on how your customers will find your products. This might require some trial and error.

3. Create A YouTube Channel – YouTube can be a fantastic option if you have specific expertise on a certain topic. Do some research on YouTube and see if you can create better content than what’s already available. Building a successful channel can take time. Stay consistent and always look for ways to improve your videos. Some of the top YouTubers are making millions of dollars a year.

Real Estate Related Side Hustles

4. Become An Agent – Are you interested in real estate and want to help others buy or sell homes? If so, consider becoming an agent. Agents can make great commissions. You might have to pay to get a license so make sure that you are truly committed to becoming an agent. Start working with family and friends to get your first few sales.

5. Home Inspector – Do you want to know more about how homes are valued and what to look for when purchasing a property? This can be a great way to earn some extra income while learning more about the ins and outs of how homes are built. Combo this with real estate investing to easily estimate rehabs for flips or upgrading rentals.

6. Start A Vacation Rental – Do you have extra rooms? Running a vacation rental can add tons of cash to your account every month. Vacation rentals can be a ton of work. You’ll have to manage and clean it yourself or hire that someone to do that for you. You can also rent out spare space for storage.

7. Rental Properties – Rental properties are an awesome way to get monthly cash flow and build wealth! It’s a slower-paced way to earn money but can be highly rewarding over time. We plan on building up a rental portfolio to help us obtain financial freedom. Check out this article on how we bought our first investment property.

Physical/Active Side Hustle Ideas

8. Start A Lawn Service – Do you enjoy being outside and taking care of your own yard? Do you live in an area where lawn services are needed year-round? Starting a lawn service might be the best idea for you. You can start small with just a few clients and work your way up to multiple clients. You can also create extra seasonal income by offering add-on services. For instance, if you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow you could offer snow removal.

9. Become A Personal Trainer Or Work At A Gym – Are you always in the gym and enjoy helping others get fit? Look into becoming a personal trainer or working at a gym. You could also get a discounted or free gym membership by working there!

10. Yoga Instructor – Are you a pro at down dog, planks, and cat-cow? If you love doing yoga consider becoming an instructor and teaching others. Yoga is very popular and many people enjoy going to yoga studios. Namaste my friend!

Repairing Or Flipping

11. Become A Handyman – Stuff breaks and most people either don’t know how to fix it or just don’t want to put forth the effort. Are you handy and do you enjoy the challenge of fixing things? This could be exactly what you are looking for. Handymen charge an hourly rate and can make a really good side income from doing small fix-it tasks. Leverage existing websites and apps where customers look for handymen specifically.

12. Start A Repair Business | Cars, Appliances, Electronics – Are you a mechanic or have a specialized skill at fixing certain things? Can you fix cars, cell phones, appliances, electronics, or anything else? See if you can capitalize on that skill and turn it into your money-making side hustle. Use free sites like craigslist and Facebook Marketplace to find customers that need their stuff fixed.

13. Flipping Furniture – Do you enjoy finding old or beat-up furniture and bringing it back to life? You can make some side money by rehabbing and flipping furniture for a profit. You might even be able to find people giving away free furniture!

14. Find Free Stuff And Flip It – People give away free stuff all of the time! Sometimes it’s due to a sudden move or just a life circumstance. I listened to a podcast about a man that started making money flipping items that he found for free. He made thousands of dollars with this. He took all of his profits and started buying real estate and is now a millionaire. Just because you start small doesn’t mean your side hustle can’t have a large impact down the road.

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Creative Side Hustle Ideas

15. Sell Your Art Or Photography – Are you an artist or photographer that loves to paint or take pictures? Consider selling your art/photography to others for some side dough. You can even sell prints of your art or upload your photographs to stock photography sites to make additional passive income from your creative work.

16. Web/App Design – Do you have good graphic design skills and know your way around Photoshop & Sketch? You might want to look into part-time web design or freelance as a designer. If you don’t have much experience, you might have to take on some lower-paying gigs in the beginning. You can begin charging more once you’ve built up a nice portfolio. Check out some of the following sites to look at current postings for graphic designers.

17. Write A Book – Do you love to write? Have you always wanted to write your own book? Do you have a ton of knowledge in a particular area or a fantastic story? You should take a stab at writing your own book! It’s become super easy to get a book published and sell it online. It can be a large effort but you can create individual passive income streams with every book that you write! Do some research on YouTube or possibly invest in a course on Udemy or Masterclass.

Consider selling your book on Amazon or creating your own e-commerce website to sell your books.

Teaching, Care, or Coaching

18. Tutor or Teacher – Do you enjoy teaching others on certain subjects? Are you an expert on a particular subject? Consider tutoring and teaching as your go-to side hustle.

19. Coaching – You could earn some extra income by coaching a sports team. There are also coaching opportunities within personal finance, personal development, and so many other areas. If you have a high level of knowledge in a certain area and enjoy teaching others then coaching could be great for you.

20. Babysitting Or Caring For Others – Do you enjoy being around kids or helping take care of others? You could earn some extra dough by babysitting or providing care services for people that need help.

21. Become A Music Teacher – Are you highly skilled a one or many instruments? Do you know how to teach others to sing? You could become a music teacher and teach others how to play instruments and sing.

Driving and Hauling

22. Charging Scooters – These scooters are everywhere in larger cities and even some of their suburbs. If you have a way to haul and charge scooters you can make hundreds or thousands a month. Just make sure to keep an eye on your electric bill!

23. Drive For A Ride-Sharing Service – You can make hundreds, even thousands of extra dollars by driving for Uber or Lyft. This can be a great way to earn some extra money outside of your normal working hours. You can work as much or as little as you want. Make sure to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape since you will be putting extra miles on it.

24. Food Delivery – We definitely had an uptick in demand for food delivery drivers during the pandemic. I think this trend will continue while people are hesitant to go back out to restaurants. You can take advantage and earn some extra bucks by using your car to deliver food to people. These are some of our favorite food delivery services.

 25. Junk Removal – Do you have a truck or trailer and the ability to remove stuff for cash? You could partner with some buddies and start getting paid to haul junk. Make sure to check into what you can haul and where you need to properly dispose of the junk.

Catering, Food Trucks, and Serving/Bartending

26. Catering – Do you enjoy putting together intricate meals for others? You could start your own catering business or work for an existing catering business.

27. Food Truck – Serving food from a food truck/food trailer can be a great way to earn some side money. It can be pricey to get started with all of the equipment costs. Do some thorough research of competition in your area. Also, see if you can start a food stand before investing in a truck to validate that people will pay for your grub.

28. Become A Server/Bartender – If you have free nights and weekends you can make some good money as a server or bartender. My wife once made over $500 in a single night as a server in a nice restaurant. Make sure to save all of your tips and invest them!

Pet Services

29. Dog Walker – Did you know that you could get paid to walk dogs? This can be a great way to earn some side hustle money if you love dogs. You also get to exercise while earning money! Check out some of these different services that you can use to make money walking dogs.

30. Dog Groomer/Washer – Make some extra cash by grooming and washing other people’s dogs. You could even offer a mobile service that goes to people’s homes and to provide on-site services.

31. Pet Sitting – Did you know that you can get paid to hang out with someone else’s pet? You could start your own service or work for an existing pet sitting service provider. We’ve paid one of these services to check on our cats when we didn’t have any other options.

Wrapping Up Our Favorite Side Hustle Ideas

Finding the right side hustle for you can be challenging but very lucrative if you are willing to put forth some hard work. There are so many ways to make some extra money by side hustling. We hope that you are able to find something that might work for you.

Please let us know if there’s a side hustle that didn’t make our list that should be on it!