Fun Date Night Ideas | How To Have Fun On A Budget

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Dinner for two always seems to be the default date night idea. It is great to sit down with your loved one and chat, but… let’s be honest, that can get rather boring at times. Here are some other fun date night ideas to do with your boo or bestie. Baller on a date night budget!

If you are new to budgeting, we have a beginner’s guide to budgeting to help get you started.

This list of the best fun date night ideas covers picnicking, board game nights, grilling at home, hitting up an arcade, and much more.

Free Fun Date Night Ideas

Date nights don’t have to be expensive! This list of free fun date night ideas can help those who are looking for date night ideas on a really tight budget.

Window Shopping In A Small Town

Small towns are so cute and relaxing to walk around in. Looking at all the displays and decor can be inspiring. It’s easy to get stuck in an interior design or fashion rut. Be sure you and your person make a deal not to buy anything at all! If you want it bad enough it will be on your mind and you can budget for it.

Disc Golf

Get some exercise and have fun! This is a free activity once you’ve purchased the discs. Search your area for the top-rated disc golf parks. You can also bring the dogs with you to the park!

Walk, Run, Or Bike Ride

Exercise is a great way to connect and enjoy each other’s undivided attention. Also, dog-friendly!

Yard Games With Friends

This is a great group activity. If you don’t own any yard games, they are pretty inexpensive online. Many of your friends probably have them sitting around their house…don’t be afraid to ask!

Backyard Picnic

Grab some blankets and snacks. An outdoor speaker is can provide your favorite tunes. Games like twister and water balloon fights are fun. Board games like chess, checkers, and chinese checkers are recommended.

Music Battle

Pick a genre of music and take turns finding music videos to one-up each other in a battle of DJs. This can be a fun date night idea to begin your at-home date.

Jazzy Breakfast Mornings

Fun date night ideas don’t have to be limited to evenings! Spotify and other music streaming services have great playlists for jazzy breakfast mornings, coffee shop music, and such. Grab your apron and get to cooking.

$20 And Under Fun Date Night Ideas

These date night ideas are relatively inexpensive and yet still loads of fun.

Driving Range

Go to your local public golf course or driving range and share a bucket of balls. See who can get closer to hitting the cart picking up the golf balls for added fun!

Paint And Sip At Home With YouTube

The Art Sherpa is a great channel. Micheals, Hobby Lobby, or local art supply stores have affordable supplies. Sip on homemade wine for extra savings!

Board Game Fun Date Night

Target has a great selection of board games that are around $20. After you have a nice collection of board games, you can rotate through them to mix it up a bit.

Co-op Video Games

Cooperative video games can make for a super fun date night idea! We love any Mario-related games on the Switch. There are loads of two-player games available.

Pool Or Bowling

Grab a pitcher of beer or a pizza and enjoy several rounds of pool. Search around for discounted bowling deals at local bowling alleys. Have you ever bowled for $.99 a game? We have!

Coffee And Cards

find a local coffee shop and grab a deck of cards. Game ideas you can Google how to play: Speed, Golf, Rummy, War, etc…or Google “Two-player card games”.

Picnic in the park

Grab a blanket, some sammies or similar, find a park nearby (by the river is a great location), and set up your picnic. Bring the dogs for added fun!

Karaoke At Home

You can purchase a karaoke app or use YouTube to belt out your favorite tunes! You don’t even need a microphone if you have a small enough space.

Grilling And Outdoor Dinner

This a great way to use any leftover uncooked meat, seafood, or vegetables. If you have something in the freezer, put it out the day before to thaw.

You can also grill in bulk and save the leftovers for the rest of the week. Grilling is one of our favorite ways to spend time together and keep on a budget.

Wood Burning Kit

Amazon has these for about $15-$20. Use wood scraps or grab something at your hardware store. 

$50 Fun Date Night Ideas

Paint and Sip

if you are lucky enough to have a Boo or Bestie who enjoys painting, these events are a blast. Plus, you get some art in the end.

Movie Theater

Head out to a local theater and catch the latest popular movie. Pack your own popcorn, wine, beer, and candy to stay on budget. I use my large purse and load it up with all the goodies!

Golfing 9 Holes

Do you and your significant other enjoy golfing? Check out your local courses and go for a round of 9 instead of playing a full round.

Make Dinner With Your Boo Or Bestie

Cooking together is a great way to grow your relationship while doing a fun date night. Honestly, you can create your own budget for a dinner night and make it as cheap or expensive as you’d like.

Note: if you are a good cook/chef and your person is not, BE PATIENT! My husband and I have really gotten into home delivery kits. It’s a great way to quickly and easily learn or enhance your cooking skills. Plus, you can collect the recipe cards for later use!

Go To A Bar And Watch The Game

for the sports enthusiasts! Going to Buffalo Wild Wings or your favorite wing place is so much fun! Even if your person does not care for sports, they can play the fun trivia game and other games.

Charcuterie Board

Go to the store together and pick out 3 of your favorite artisanal cheeses and 3 types of specialty meats, a jam, crackers, and olives (if you like them). Using a wood board or similar, make a delicious spread. It is fun to think of a particular topic to chat about and get to know one another even better.

Dave And Busters

Play the games and do not eat the food! It’s not very good and it’s a bit pricey. Combo this with a meal at home for some super savings.

Crossword Puzzles And Cocktails

You can race, work together, or just chat while you work on the puzzles.

Trivia Night

Local bars and restaurants often host these events on certain nights. Do a search for trivia nights in your area to find the best locations and trivia hosts. Bring some friends to create an unstoppable trivia team!

$100 Fun Date Night Ideas

Escape Rooms

These usually run from $50 to $100 per person. If you like solving puzzles and challenges this might be a super fun date night idea. The rooms are often themed so search for one that has good reviews and a theme that sounds interesting.

Axe Throwing

You can get some frustration out and have fun all while throwing an axe! These usually run from $50 – $100 a person. See who can hit the most bulls-eyes!

Top Golf

Have drinks and food while trying to hit targets at the driving range! They typically charge $27 to $50 per person. Make sure to budget a bit extra for food and drinks.

Go-Karts And Arcade

Act like a kid again at the arcade and ride some go-karts! Search for deals in your area for local entertainment businesses.

Bar Hop

Find an entertainment district near you and hit up the local bars. This can be a great option when the weather is warm. Be safe and grab an uber if you plan on consuming multiple drinks!

Amusement Parks

Check out your nearest amusement park and hit the rides together! Hop on that fast roller coaster and hold your significant other tight!

Dinner Theaters

Food and movies never seem to fail. Even if the movie turns out terrible, you and your person can have fun making jokes at its expense.

Murder Mystery Dinner

So much fun, especially if you are into true crime stories! Work together or see who can solve the murder the fastest.

Wine Or Beer Tasting Events

Support your local wineries and breweries by attending their events. This is a great way to spend some time with your spouse and meet new people in your area.

Wrapping Up The Best Fun Date Night Ideas

There are many ways to find fun date night ideas in your area. You might have to get a little creative and mix it up a bit to find which ones work best for you and your significant other.

We hope that you get a few fun date night ideas from our list and create an amazing date night in the near future!